Pachter Picks: Finding the Best Mouthwash for Braces

Taking Care of Your Teeth the Right Way

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Mouthwash is an important part of keeping your teeth clean and your breath fresh. It gets rid of pesky food particles to prevent cavities, fight gum disease, and improve gum health. Watch out, tooth decay!

But do you need a special mouthwash for braces? And what’s the best mouthwash for braces wearers? Today, we’re going to be diving into the details of what you should be using during your orthodontic quest for straight teeth!

Using Mouthwash While Wearing Braces

Can you use mouthwash during your orthodontic treatment? Yes! In fact, using a mouth rinse is an important part of maintaining a healthy smile during your care. Mouthwash won’t damage your metal braces or discolor them, and it will actually prevent elastic staining if you have ceramic braces.

Finding an Awesome Mouthwash: What to Look For

There are two things to look for when you’re checking out mouthwash brands at the store. The best mouthwashes for any patient are alcohol-free, fluoride mouthwash options. But beyond keeping your mouth clean, what’s so important about using an alcohol-free fluoride rinse?

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Keeping Mouthwash Alcohol-Free

When you’re at the store, you’ll probably notice that most mouthwashes have alcohol. While it won’t harm you while you wear braces, there are some reasons why we tend to avoid alcohol in our recommendations.

Alcohol is an antiseptic, and it works wonders to clean mouth bacteria and fight bad breath. But its ability to kill germs is also what causes a burning sensation during your daily routine.

You can find a good mouthwash without alcohol. In fact, you’ll probably prefer staying away from it with braces. That’s because your braces are more likely to scratch and irritate your gums, teeth, and cheeks, making this disinfectant hurt your mouth much more than usual.

In addition, this active ingredient is known to cause dry mouth, which can make tooth decay and bad breath worse, not better!

Fight Tooth Decay with Fluoride

Sodium fluoride is another important component of the best mouthwash. Fluoride has been clinically proven to strengthen tooth enamel, preventing cavities and protecting against bacteria and plaque.

When you rinse with fluoride mouthwash, it helps teeth defend against cavities during braces treatment when you’re more likely to have issues with oral hygiene, and it can even reverse early gum problems. And if you’re worried about white marks on your teeth enamel, don’t worry – fluoride helps keep away white spots, too!

Your Oral Care Routine with Braces

Adding mouthwash to your daily routine is vital for healthy, happy teeth. Regular brushing and flossing are important for your dental health, especially during treatment. Brushing your teeth every time you eat and using mouthwash once per day should be your new rules with braces. Goodbye, plaque – hello, beautiful smile!

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