Creating Your Smile

In-office or virtually, treatment should be POsitively℠ simple.

Let’s Cakewalk To Your Best Smile.

We’ve seen it all – crowded teeth, open bite, deep overbite, missing lateral incisors, underbite, spacing issues, overjet, and those are just from correcting our own smiles! 

No matter what kind of party your teeth are having right now, we can get them all dancing in a row like the Conga Line.

The first step is coming in or starting a virtual consultation so we can take a look at your teeth and create the best plan for your unique smile. 

From #Classic to #Invisible

Whether it’s the classic look of clear or metal braces or the sleek and invisible look of Invisalign™, we’ve got your teeth covered – figuratively and literally.

Classic Braces

Using the 3M Clarity™ Advanced system, you can choose to be bold and make your colors pop or blend in for a virtually invisible look.


Convenient, virtually invisible, and usually less trips to the office than traditional treatment. This is a great option for teens and adults.

POsitively℠ Affordable

We believe everyone has the right to smile no matter who they are or where they are in life. We’re here to help make that happen by determining the best financial plan for you and your family.

Make a POsitive℠ change.

Drop us a line to schedule your first appointment. We can’t wait to get to know you and see how we can make you smile!