Can I Drink Coffee with Invisalign?

Preventing Stubborn Stains from Our Favorite Beverage

drinking coffee with invisalign

Invisalign is known for being the best tooth technology for most adults and teenagers looking at orthodontic treatment. Not only are they more comfortable and discrete, but clear aligners also provide an option for those looking for some flexibility. But just like ceramic and metal braces, Invisalign comes with a few things you have to keep in mind during treatment. And that’s why we’re covering a BIG question about your aligners today: “Can I drink coffee with Invisalign?

The short answer? No. But if you’re willing to listen to the long answer, you’ll discover that you can still enjoy coffee while straightening your smile! Just make sure that your Invisalign trays are out of your mouth before you start sipping on your Starbucks (or any other tinted, colored liquids)!

A Discreet Way to Make a Big Difference

We love Invisalign. In fact, we’re a Platinum Invisalign Provider. This means that we understand the ins and outs of Invisalign like no one else in Middletown NY and Paramus NJ. So, what makes Invisalign the coolest cat around when it comes to straightening teeth?

The number one reason why adults and youths love Invisalign is simple. It’s the chameleon of correcting teeth! They work just as hard and just a fast as traditional treatments without calling attention to your smile. Since most adults (and a good percentage of teenagers) don’t want to show off that they’re getting orthodontic treatment, incognito Invisalign is perfect.

can i drink coffee with Invisalign with my friends

Stopping Smile Stains

But having virtually invisible aligners comes with a price. It’s easy to stain your trays if you aren’t careful. And one big culprit? Everyone’s favorite way to start the day: coffee.

Any tinted liquids (whether it’s coffee or fruit punch) can gradually stain your aligners after just a little exposure. That’s why we always stress how important it is for patients to take out Invisalign trays for everything that isn’t water or…well, just water. Luckily, the flexibility of Invisalign lets you remove your treatment trays any time you need a drink or a snack.

This includes coffee. Whether you’re putting the pep in your step with a much-needed latte or following up dessert with a cup of joe, make sure you take out your aligners!

Keepin’ It Clean

Sometimes, stains happen. If you forget to take out your aligners or brush your teeth after eating, yellow or brown discoloration can appear. If this happens to you, you’re in luck – Invisalign can be cleaned.

There are two simple solutions to removing unwanted staining from coffee, tea, juice, and food particles. First, Invisalign makes a cleaning crystal that is specifically designed to safely clean your trays. A pack of Invisalign cleaning crystals only takes about 15 minutes to work its magic on your aligners.

If you want to save some money, you can also use a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and warm water (with a tiny bit of baking soda) to clean your trays overnight!

Creating Your Pachter Smile

When finding the perfect custom-tailored, invisible smile technology for you, the answer is clear. Invisalign is the top treatment choice for adults and teens all across the world! And best of all? You won’t even need to give up your favorite foods and drinks along the way (even coffee)! If you have been asking whether you can drink coffee with Invisalign, there’s great news. There are no boundaries when you’re living your best smile with Invisalign!