Keeping it Positive at the Orthodontist

Bergenfield, NJ | Patients & Pachter

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Improving your smile starts with an orthodontic office visit, and your first appointment is one of the most important ones that you’ll have! For your first time in an orthodontics office, you’ll get to talk through options, get an oral health examination, and meet the team handling your treatment.

Getting an examination can be scary, no matter your age. This may even be your first time going to see a tooth specialist! Children and adults can feel nervous during their initial consultation, but the truth is that it should be fun, positive, and full of smiles.

That’s why we’re going to take you through what to expect during your first time in Bergenfield orthodontics practice (and why you should be ready to cakewalk to your brand new smile!).

Becoming a New Patient

Whether you need traditional braces or clear aligners, orthodontic treatment is designed to bring you a beautiful smile while adjusting problems with your jaw, bite, or missing teeth. But before you can get started you need to get a free consultation to see what kind of party is going on in your mouth.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have their teeth monitored from an early age. For adults, a dentist may spot signs of trouble and send you our way for evaluation. No one is too old for a brand-new grin!

But what can you expect when you walk through our doors? Check out the five most important steps for your first appointment!

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Taking a Look at Your Teeth

Everyone is unique, and so is their smile! We start the journey to a new you with an exam that looks at your oral health, your medical and dental history, and the tooth troubles that you’re facing. We’ll also complete scans of your grin to help us strategize.

Putting Together Your Smile Goals

When meeting our orthodontist, Bergenfield visitors will also get a chance to show off their smiles to us so that we can create your orthodontic goals.

Once we have a good idea of where you’re at, it’s time to check out where you’re going.

Your treatment should be a journey full of positivity that puts you on the path to an inside-out transformation. We make sure you’re comfortable and happy with your plan from start to finish.

Meeting Your Teammates

From Dr. Pachter to the office staff, we’re all here to help you on your orthodontics journey.

Every dental patient gets to make sure that this space has the right vibe for you before you start working with us! Checking out our office and meeting the team are important to making you feel like part of the Pachter family.

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Tackling Your Financing

Financing a new smile shouldn’t be the hardest part of treatment.

From your very first appointment, we make sure your orthodontics isn’t going to break the bank.

All patients deserve a perfect (and affordable) smile. Our team will walk you through payment plans, insurance, and the best choice for your investment so you can focus on getting the beautiful smile that you deserve.

Scheduling Our Next Meet-up

All done with your exam? Then it’s time for the next step. Our orthodontics staff will set up your next appointment, where we’ll begin treatment with Dr. Pachter or Dr. Kopcza. For some patients, we may be able to start your traditional braces or Invisalign treatment that day!

When it comes to Bergenfield orthodontics, there’s no one like Dr. Pachter and our team. We love to feed your soul while we move your teeth. So drop us a line so we can meet your Bergenfield NJ smile!