Your First Visit to the Orthodontist in Paramus, NJ

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Are you heading to an orthodontist in Paramus, NJ, for the first time? Visiting an orthodontic office can be scary for patients (both kids and parents). But your Paramus orthodontic office, Pachter Ortho, is here to tell you – don’t sweat it!

Your orthodontic office isn’t there to stress you out. After all, treatment is all about encouraging patients to have bright, happy, and confident smiles! To help you feel better about your upcoming visit, we’ve put together a guide to help you understand what to expect at your first appointment. Let’s make your orthodontic care a walk in the park!

What to Expect at the Orthodontist:
Paramus, NJ

Nervous about your first trip to the orthodontist? There’s genuinely nothing to worry about. Your free consultation is designed to get you comfortable with the doctor and their trained team so that you feel excited to straighten your teeth and enjoy a perfect smile for the rest of your life!

But what should patients expect when starting treatment? What’s on the schedule during first-time appointments?

  • During your visit, you’ll meet your orthodontist. Our orthodontists evaluate your oral health to see what’s happening with your chompers. This part includes X-rays, reviewing the chart from your dentist, and a pain-free exam!
  • Next, the orthodontist will review treatment options with you (and your family member if you’re a kid!) to determine the best tooth technology for your smile. Out of braces, Invisalign, and other clear aligners, which is the orthodontic treatment best suited for you?
  • We’ll also answer any questions that you have. Now is the time for the patient (you!) to get the details on their journey to a healthy grin!
  • Finally, our knowledgeable and experienced staff will review insurance and payment plan options so that you can align your treatment choices and your budget. Braces and Invisalign can be expensive at any age. We work with every patient to ensure their orthodontics isn’t breaking the bank.

Tips for a Great Visit in Paramus, NJ

When welcoming new patients, we want things to be as smooth as possible. To make the first step in your orthodontics a piece of cake, remember these helpful tips when going to the orthodontist in Paramus, NJ – it can make a world of difference!

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Arrive a Little Early

Being punctual is always great! Plan to arrive early so you won’t have to worry if you hit traffic in Paramus, NJ, or forget your paperwork. It never hurts to be safe!

Brush Your Teeth

Make sure to brush your teeth and floss so that your orthodontist can get a clear look at your teeth.

Get Comfy

You may need to sit in a patient chair for a while (just like the dentist), so wear comfortable clothing.

Ask Questions

Be bold and ask your Paramus orthodontist questions so that you can feel informed and prepared about your orthodontic treatment.

Treating Smiles from Elmwood Park, NJ, to Rochelle Park, NJ

Visiting an orthodontist for the first time doesn’t have to be intimidating. Follow these tips to make sure you’re prepared and have a great experience in Paramus, NJ.

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