Turn Problems into Positivity: Your Underbite Fixed with Braces

Better Smiling Through Braces

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Are you thinking about seeking orthodontic treatment for a brand-new smile? There are plenty of steps to straightening your smile, and one of the first things that we look at is how your teeth have decided to misbehave. A very common issue that we see at Pachter Orthodontics is prognathism, or the development of an underbite. If you have an underbite, you’re likely looking to make a big change with braces. After all, positivity starts with a smile, and it’s hard to feel good about your grin when you’re worried about your bite. Today, we’re going to be looking at your journey to a picture-perfect smile can be easy, simple (and maybe even a little bit fun) with an underbite fixed with braces.

When You and Your Jaw Don’t Jive: What is an Underbite?

Everyone has a unique smile. But sometimes you might feel like your smile is a little too unique – especially if you’re living with an underbite. But what exactly is an underbite? When your lower jaw is placed too far forward in your mouth, your lower teeth overlap your top teeth. Of course, jaw problems are no joke. An underbite can lead to difficulty enjoying your favorite meals, pain during chewing or biting, or even irreversible wear and tear on your teeth. You may even find yourself having trouble talking.

Whether you’re dealing with a minor or severe underbite, problems with speaking and eating mean one big thing. You probably aren’t enjoying your funky grin. That’s why Pachter Ortho wants to get your teeth moving the right way – so you can have the smiliest smile on the block!

Understanding Underbites (and What Makes Them Happen)

We’ve talked about how different kinds of bites come about, and it’s amazing – there are a ton of things that can change how your teeth tango! Underbites are no different. There are three main causes for underbites in children and adults.

Sometimes, people can inherit an underbite from mom or dad. Genetics determines how your jaw and teeth are shaped, so it’s no surprise that your family can have underbites lurking in their DNA. Another cause is bad childhood habits. Tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, and overuse of pacifiers can cause many bite problems – including underbites. And the third potential culprit? An unexpected injury that changes how your jaw grows or sits, creating an underbite.

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Your Underbite Fixed with Braces: Secrets to Smile About

Let’s cut the chitchat and get down to business. We know what you’re really here for. You want to know what you can do about it! Well, don’t worry. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve got just the tool for you: braces.

Creating a picture-perfect smile is our big secret to how we change lives. And one of the best ways to transform a smile is good, old-fashioned braces. Braces are an amazing smile-adjusting tool that can take all but the most severe underbite cases and turn them into a brand-new grin. While some severe underbites may take additional surgery to correct, braces can help or fix your underbite most of the time. By making small changes to your teeth and jaw position over time, braces realign your mouth. Basically, they take whatever party you have going on in there and get your teeth all dancing in a row – right where they’re supposed to be.

Be Bold or Discrete with Positively Awesome Braces

Both older and younger patients are often nervous about getting braces – and we don’t blame you. It’s a big change to both your routine and how you look. But braces are better than ever before! Revolutionary isn’t a word we use lightly around here – but it’s exactly how we describe the modern era of braces technology. There are so many options, you won’t believe it– whether you want to be bold or blend in, you’ll always be stylish.

Living your best smile is easier (and more comfortable) than ever. If you’re not happy about your smile, it’s hard to grin at even the best things in life. Stop avoiding the cameras and frowning when you look in the mirror. It’s time to say out with your underbite and in with your perfect grin. How? Go ahead and schedule your smile assessment with your local orthodontic office to get started on the path to positivity!