Can You Get Braces Twice?

Time for Round 2 of Orthodontic Treatment!

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What’s shaking, friends? We’re back with another quick orthodontic breakdown, and today we’re here to explore a question that pops up quite often in orthodontic circles: “Can you get braces AGAIN?”

The short answer is yes, you absolutely can! If your pearly whites need a little extra TLC after getting braces removed, a second round of braces might be just the ticket.

After completing orthodontic treatment, there are a couple of reasons why we might see you back in our office to keep those teeth straight with another session of braces or aligners. So, let’s dive into this topic and uncover why many patients may need additional time with dental braces.

Why Wear Braces Again? Gum Disease, Retainer Trouble, and More

Now, you might be wondering, “Why would anyone need braces twice?” There are a few reasons why teeth might shift after your initial braces treatment – and it’s not always about forgetting to wear your retainer (although that is a common culprit). There are three big reasons why we see teeth shift after we’ve made that awesome smile straight.

Underlying Issues – Sometimes there’s something fishy going on that undoes some of your orthodontic correction. These can be recurring dental health problems that you should work on with your dentist and orthodontist: gum disease, tooth decay, and TMJ. Some problems, like jaw issues, can be helped with another helping of ortho treatment plans.

Oral habits like tongue thrusting, teeth grinding, and nail-biting can exert pressure on your teeth and cause them to move, even if you have a healthy mouth! These habits can be a pain to break, but they can definitely be the source of permanent teeth shifting (for both your child’s teeth and your adult teeth).

Orthodontic Relapse – The most common cause of orthodontic returns is patients not wearing retainers when they’re supposed to.

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Your removable retainers are your best friend following treatment, and they keep your upper and lower teeth from shimmying back to their previous positions. If you want to keep your beautiful smile, wear your retainers as instructed (and always have a spare set for your retainer just in case).

But it’s good to note – things happen. Sometimes a relapse occurs a long time after treatment because your teeth just refuse to stay straight even when you follow instructions and wear retainers. This is often due to natural changes in our bodies as we age. Who knew growing older could be such a bummer for our teeth alignment?

Early Ortho for Children – There’s something called Phase 1 treatment that can lead to getting treated down the road. This is an early intervention strategy used to treat young kids who have orthodontic issues. While it can be super helpful, sometimes a child might need additional orthodontics as they grow and their mouths get teenager teeth.

While adults have lost their baby teeth and their bite isn’t growing, a child who undergoes Phase 1 care could be a good candidate for braces or Invisalign as they age.

Wearing Braces a Second Time Can Be Great!

Don’t worry if your next orthodontic examination and X-rays say it’s time to straighten those front teeth or bottom chompers again. There’s a bright side. The second time, kids and adults benefit from all the usual positive impacts of braces: straighter teeth, a more confident smile, and better oral health.

More time with your orthodontist can also improve the stability of your new alignment. It’s like reinforcing a building’s foundation – the stronger it is, the longer it will last. Plus, if any new issues have cropped up since your last time in the patient chair, braces can tackle those head-on.

Getting Braces Twice? It’s POsitively Awesome!

If you’re facing the prospect of getting braces again, remember: it’s an opportunity. A second chance to perfect your smile, boost your confidence, and ensure the health of your teeth. Embrace the journey and rock those braces!

Remember, every smile tells a story, and sometimes, that story involves wearing two rounds of braces. And that’s perfectly okay. 🙂

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