Do You Get Braces on Your First Appointment?

Learning What’s What with Your 1st Visit!

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When you start treatment, it means BIG things for your smile. Your orthodontic treatment plan is designed to help you meet your smile goals while ensuring that your teeth look and feel like a million dollars.

But when you begin orthodontic treatment, you’ll also probably have a ton of questions about the process, how long it will take, and how to take care of your teeth during braces or Invisalign treatment.

Today, your pals at Pachter Orthodontics want to go over a major question that we often hear from patients: Will you leave your first appointment wearing braces? Let’s take a look!

The First Step of Your Orthodontic Treatment Plan

Before we can even talk treatment options, we need to take a look at your teeth. That’s the initial step of your orthodontics: your first orthodontic consultation. This free consultation is designed to let us meet your mouth while you meet our orthodontic team!

Whether we’re taking a look at you or your child’s smile, this orthodontist consultation will ensure optimal results and pack your ortho journey full of POsitivity.

Will I Get Braces at My Initial Consultation Appointment?

Let’s address the big question at hand.

Most patients will have to wait until the second appointment to start achieving their better-than-ever smile. After all, the first check-in is designed to determine your tooth and gum health, get you in as a new patient, and meet your treatment coordinator and orthodontist.

Of course, if we have time, our orthodontist can put braces on your teeth during the first consultation, but nine times out of ten, the following appointment will be the best for getting braces or Invisalign.

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What Else Happens During Your Orthodontic Consultation?

There’s a ton that goes into achieving a beautiful smile, and it starts with the first orthodontic appointment. It should take about an hour or hour and a half to do the following:

  • Meet Each Team Member: This is an important step! We want you to meet the office and orthodontist during your visit to make sure that creating a better smile is a comfortable, relaxing, and positive experience in our space!
  • A Visual Inspection: It’s time to check in with your teeth and gums. Your dentist will send over your history, but we want to take a closer look to find out what ortho concerns are present.
  • Dental Imaging: X-ray alert! We need to do some scans and review your x-rays to get a complete picture of your tooth troubles and bad bite problems.
  • Discuss Treatment Options: Now, we’ll go over what we’ve found and answer any questions that you have about treatment. Getting braces or aligners is a big choice, so the orthodontist will decide what to do based on your dental health, orthodontic issues, and smile goals. Don’t worry; we’ll cover the cost and what to expect so you won’t be in the dark about any part of your care!
  • Review Payment Options: Treatment can be expensive, and that’s a scary thought for every patient. We want to make sure that you don’t miss out on creating a brand-new you, so we’ll review your budget, payment plan options, and insurance coverage before you leave the office.
  • Schedule Your Next Appointment: Now that you know what to expect, we’ll schedule your follow-up visit with the orthodontist before you leave!

What if I Don’t Get Braces on My First Visit?

That’s fine – it’s actually perfectly normal! The orthodontist will focus on the x-rays, treatment plan, initial tooth inspection, and answering questions. If you don’t have time to get braces put on, we’ll handle it the next time you come to see us!

Start Your Journey with Pachter POsitivity!

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