Is Cheese Good for Teeth?

Learn How Dairy Creates Healthy Smiles

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Most of the time when you talk to a doctor, cheese is probably not the first item on the list of things for you to chow down on.

But, we’ve got great news for all you dairy lovers – different kinds of cheeses have been shown to help promote good oral health and make your smile look even better!

Today, we’re going to be breaking down whether cheese is good for keeping teeth healthy and why. Let’s dive right into the details!

Does Eating Cheese = Healthy Teeth?

It may surprise you, but studies suggest that cheese and other dairy products are actually really good for your teeth’s enamel, preventing tooth decay, and fighting back against plague.

While other foods do this as well (like celery, leafy veggies, nuts, and fish), this dairy product is a particularly great item to add to your diet.

Not all cheeses are created equally – American cheese and super-processed cheese dips are not good for your tooth enamel. But other cheeses (especially sharp ones) can help your teeth a ton! Stick to adding cheddar cheese, Monterey jack, cheese, blue cheese, and soft-ripened cheeses to your meal plan and snack routine.

NOTE: Obviously, eating cheese is not a substitute for brushing and flossing. Your teeth still need their usual TLC to prevent cavities and gum disease.

Why is Cheese Good for Your Dental Health?

Foods that are good for your teeth and mouth have a few things in common: they’re jam-packed with good vitamins, minerals, and anti-bacterial components; they raise the pH level of your mouth; and they help you make more saliva.

Cheeses like cheddar cheese and string cheese fall right into this category of good foods for teeth!

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It Contains Great Things for Teeth

There are tons of things that are good for your bones and tooth enamel: calcium, B vitamins, phosphorus, casein, and vitamin D. Cheese itself contains casein, calcium, and phosphorus. Add foods like cheese, leafy greens, and fresh fruits and veggies to include all of these things into your diet!

Calcium (which you need for healthy teeth and bones) and phosphorus (which helps your body absorb calcium) work together in cheese to give you healthier teeth and bones. Hurray for calcium-rich foods like cheese and milk!

Casein and whey protein in cheese coat your teeth to protect them from bacteria, acidic foods, and sugar that eat away at enamel.

It Keeps Your Mouth Less Acidic

Why are bacteria so bad? The germs lurking in your mouth lath onto the food that you eat, and they use that food to make acid that causes cavities and gum disease.

Cheese contains casein and alkali, which neutralizes some of the acids during and after you eat – protecting your teeth from unwanted acidic attention! For thirty minutes after eating it, cheese helps raise the pH levels of your mouth.

It Ups Saliva Production (Yay!)

Your saliva flow is one of the best protections against acid – more saliva washes away food particles, bacteria, and acid. Your saliva production increases when you chew cheese, use chewing gum, and drink water. This is just another great way that cheese promotes better dental health and oral hygiene!

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